Services We Offer

  • Photo of ambulance with its emergency lights on

    Personal Injury Law

    Accident related injuries, damages and liability

  • Ariel view photo of six homes along a cul de sac

    Real Property Law

    Disputes involving ownership and lease of land, including landlord tenant and neighbor boundary issues

  • Photo of a firefighter hosing water at a house burning in flames

    Insurance Law

    Rights and duties of insureds and insurers

  • Photo of two sets of female hands each signing documents

    Contract Law

    Legality and enforceability of verbal and written agreements between parties

  • Photo of three bartenders working behind the bar

    Employment Law

    Rights and duties of employees and employers

  • Photo of a construction site with large heavy equipment and dirt piles

    Construction Law

    Rights and duties relating to building construction, engineering, and related fields

  • Photo of chain link fence with signs for private property and no parking attached

    Premises Liability Law

    Rights and duties of landowner or occupier of land where certain torts occur

  • Photo of a large, multistory manufacturing plant taken from the ceiling

    Product Liability

    Liability of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and sellers of defective products

  • Photo of the trunk of a felled tree next to an electric saw

    Timber/Nuisance Law

    Liability concerning damages caused by or to neighboring trees, and neighbor noise or nuisance issues

  • Photo of two females' hands holding a blank piece of paper

    Partnership Law

    Disputes concerning fiduciary duties and obligations of business partners

  • Photo of three middle aged white men sitting around in an office with a view

    Professional/E&O Liability

    Legal obligations arising out of a professional’s error, omissions or negligent acts

  • Photo of Last Will and Testament papers

    Probate Litigation

    Legal proceedings in connection with inheritance claims, contesting a will, disputing a trust, addressing capacity issues, etc.

  • Photo of store window showing SALE sign

    Consumer Protection Law

    Protection of consumer’s legal rights and interests

  • Photo of the backs of two women sitting next to each other in front of a lap top

    General Business Consulting

    Evaluation and analysis of business entities, contracts, insurance coverage, liability risk, and legal compliance

  • Photo of room with 10 people sitting around two tables working on their laptops

    Electronic Japanese Document Review

    Managed electronic review of Japanese language documents for litigation purposes

  • Photo of two men working in front of their laptops and writing on a piece of paper

    Legal Translation

    Japanese to English and/or English to Japanese translation of legal documents

  • Photo of a hand holding an iphone calculator over a folder of papers

    Bankruptcy Law

    Assessment and filing of Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies

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